SERU Practice Excercise (Paper Book)

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This book is a comprehensive guide for PHV drivers to practise, familiarise and prepare for their SERU assessment. This assessment is known as the Safety, Equality and Regulatory Understanding Assessment.
The SERU assessment consists of two sections looking at the ten chapters of the TfL SERU handbook. Questions are a combination of Multiple Choice Questions (MCQs) and fill in the blanks.
Sometimes longer sentences are used for MCQs to ensure that students have thoroughly revised what they have learnt in their handbook. This will help with two things:

  1. Understanding MCQs and answering them correctly.
  2. Improve chances to overcome their difficulties when faced with fill in the gap assessment.

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1 review for SERU Practice Excercise (Paper Book)

  1. John Doe

    Wow! I just finished reading this awesome book!. And I will say it again, Wow!

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