Level 1 National Award in the Principles of Fire Safety in the Workplace

The course is aimed at all staff in particular new starters, refresher training, learners seeking employment etc.

Last Updated : 13-12-2022
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Learning Outcomes:

LO 1- Understand basic fire safety and what to do In the event of an emergency.
• 1.1 State the cost of fires in the workplace to businesses and individuals
• 1.2 State the common causes of workplace fires
• 1.3 List the duties and responsibilities of employees in relation to fire safety
• 1.4 List the duties and responsibilities of others in the event of a fire
• 1.5 State the actions to be taken in the event of a fire
• 1.6 List the methods available to raise the alarm in the event of a fire
• 1.7 State how to contact the emergency services

LO 2-Understand the principles of fire risk control.
• 2.1 State the key elements for effective fire risk management in the workplace
• 2.2 List the components of the fire triangle
• 2.3 List the active and passive fire control measures

LO 3- Understand the basics of practical fire safety.
• 3.1 State the safety precautions needed to be undertaken before using fire-fighting equipment
• 3.2 State the requirements needed to correctly service check fire-fighting equipment

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